About Thai Yoga Stretch

What is Thai Yoga Stretch?

Thai Yoga Stretch incorporates acupressure techniques to stimulate the energy pathways in the body along with thai yoga massage influenced assisted stretching. The therapist will use her hands, elbows, forearms, knees and even feet to rhythmically compress the recipient’s muscles promoting circulation of blood flow. Once circulation is improved, the prana (life force energy) is enhanced which leads to more optimal healing, a reduction in muscular tension, and a greater sense of ease in the body. The passive stretches increase mobility and flexibility along with the meditative rhythmic rocking which encourages deep relaxation for the recipient creating a calming affect on the nervous system. Thai Yoga Stretch is unlike other forms of massage therapy in that it is a clothed modality (the recipient is encouraged to wear loose, comfortable clothes during the session), it is traditionally offered on a futon (thereby giving the recipient and the therapist more space to utilize for stretching) and because of the manipulation techniques for increased range of motion, there is rarely use of massage oils. While a Thai Yoga Stretch treatment employs a variety of touch techniques because of the utility of the space provided by working on the futon, along with the body mechanic techniques, none of the touch techniques include rubbing which is known as a staple in western influenced styles of massage. It is an experience unlike any other, inspired by the buddhist principle of metta, “loving kindness,” a treatment guided by compassion, focused upon promoting balance and a sense of harmony in body, mind and heart. It is a treatment that is beneficial for everyone because it is tailored to fit the specific needs of the recipient.