Beri and Penny are able to pass on their knowledge in a way that was easy to understand and assimilate. Their obvious passion for Thai Yoga Stretch is infectious and makes the student eager to learn more.

Sumit Banjeree | Sumits Yoga

As Beri’s yoga student, I have always experienced a zen-like state of mind with complete serenity through direction and focus. I will forever be grateful for those eternal moments where I was guided through space patiently awaiting tranquility. (Photo courtesy of Phoenix Business Journal)

Simeon Rice, Super Bowl Champion, Former All Pro Defensive End, Director, Producer, Writer

Beri Golding is my favorite movement practitioner and teacher. Her knowledge of the human body and how to move more efficiently and safely is second to none. With years of experience as a yoga instructor, thai yoga massage therapist and TRX trainer, she’s easily one of the most versatile and seasoned health/fitness coaches in the valley. Her yoga adjustments are incredible and have really helped improve my alignment. She’s also one of the most humble and kindest individuals I know.

Danny Collier, TRX Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Health and Wellness Teacher

Thai Yoga Stretch brought about a profound, deep release of stored tension and emotions which resulted in physical realignment along with emotional and spiritual restoration. The combination of passive yoga stretching, acupressure, deliberate, focused breathing, and healing visualization is Restotative Yin Yoga taken to a cosmic, transformational level!

Penny McAlpin is a highly experienced and professional practitioner. She possesses strength and expertise along with a deep understanding of Thai Yoga Stretch, both technically and the subtle nuances of chi flow. And perhaps most importantly, Penny’s engagement, presence and connection with her clients inspires the trust needed for transformational relaxation and healing.

Lynne Sperr | A very satisfied, transformed client!

Working with Penny has been such an amazing experience. As someone who lives with a chronic health condition that can often leave me quite stiff with very sore muscles, I am always so grateful for the ways that Penny is able to literally work wonders on my body. Through her various techniques, she is able to restore flexility, release blocked energy, and bring much needed relief to sore muscles. Penny’s Thai Yoga Stretch is so much more than just relief for my body. It also brings my mind and spirit back into alignment. I leave each session feeling a greater connection to myself, more grounded, and much more able to live my life from a peaceful place.

Jennifer Martin