Beri Golding

Co-Founder of Thai Yoga Stretch

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”
Roald Dahl

Born in New York, NY and raised in Phoenix, AZ, it wasn’t until Beri found herself braving the bitter midwestern winters while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that she found herself in attendance at her very first yoga class.

Having suffered a knee injury as a sophomore in high school, Beri was apprehensive that yoga would be approachable. However upon stepping foot in her first bikram yoga class, the teacher said “90 minutes- don’t think” and “lift your heart above your head” and Beri fell in love. While at first, she was drawn to the mindful element of the practice, it wasn’t long thereafter that she noticed her knee was getting stronger.

The profound healing benefits of yoga inspired Beri to change her path from law school to yoga school.


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In January 2007 Beri received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate with Dave Oliver at at One Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. Dave’s loving kindness as a teacher and his powerful adjustments inspired Beri to pursue bodywork education. In March 2008 Beri was certified through Gabriel Azoulay and rejuvenation studios in Thai yoga massage.

Most recently Beri has completed her 500 hr teacher training certificate through Dave and Cheryl Oliver’s school, authentic yoga teacher training. She co-founded Inquire Within LLC with Penny Mcalpin, her very first student in the field of Thai yoga massage. Together they have developed training curriculum as well as designed products to assist body work therapists and practitioners to provide the highest quality treatments possible. They host workshops, offer trainings and dedicate themselves to promoting the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental benefits of the magical healing art of Thai yoga.

Penny McAlpin

Co-Founder of Thai Yoga Stretch

Penny McAlpin co-founded Inquire Within, LLC. She hosts Thai Yoga Stretch workshops and trainings, guides meditations, and teaches hot and yin yoga.

Penny is known for her unique self expression and inspirational style of teaching that incorporates the physical and energetic practice of yoga, meditation and Thai yoga massage. She was introduced to Thai yoga massage through one of Beri’s workshops while obtaining her 200 hr yoga teacher certification. Immediately upon being stretched into yoga-like positions and feeling a healing sensation of acupressure, she thought that the benefits of experiencing yoga through the passive stretches was something that every person would love and could benefit from.

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She trained with Beri extensively for over 50 hours. After this training, Penny was so intrigued about the culture and history of Thai yoga that she traveled to Bangkok and earned a certificate in Thai Massage at the Traditional Medicine Hospital at the Wat Po temple. She also has studied Thai massage under Master Pichest Boonthumme in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When she came back she was determined to demystify Thai massage and to share its healing powers with any and every body. This passion led her to work with Beri in co-creating the Thai Yoga Stretch training program.

Penny has a BS in Marketing and graduated Summa Cumme Laude from Indiana University of PA. She spent twenty years in strategic sales and was Vice President at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Washington, DC. She currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband and two children.

Our mission: To serve the community as a prime resource for educational information in addition to knowledge from experience as Thai Yoga Stretch therapists and trainers.

Our vision: To offer a variety of services and create products intended to promote optimal health and vitality for the body, mind, and spirit.

Our expertise: Our approach is guided by the understanding that every body is different and therefore requires individual and personal attention: “your best teacher is the body of the person you are working on.” The pathway to healing lies in the ability to listen. We are inspired by the meditative component of the healing arts-listening to each and every body with not only our ears but with our hands, elbows, knees, feet and most of all, with our hearts.